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Our Story

The RASOI is one that introduces you to the very best flavors from the Indian kitchen with a twist of Barcelonian hospitality.
From feasting on our most intricately crafted meals by the most seasoned chefs to our beautiful environment and warm customer relations, the excellent service we provide at Rasoi is sure to become one of the most heartwarming and lifelong memories you never hesitate to share with dear friends and family.

If you are looking to break into trying out Indian cuisines, then Rasoi is the perfect place to begin that delicious and spicy journey.

Avid spicy food lovers will feel right at home at Rasoi as we are more than up to the task of making your heart soar with our menu of the spiciest delicacies you could ever desire.

Our clientele of quality food enthusiasts can testify to our premium delicacies and never fail to recommend us to friends and family.

The moment our spoon hits your lips and you take that first mouthful of our yummy goodness, the rasoi taste experience immediately gets you to make the switch from being just a visitor to a long-term customer.

From The Menu

Special Offers

Rasoi Ghar

Chicken Garlic Tikka (3)

Chicken pieces Marinated overnight in penalty of Indian species & Grilled In tandoor.

8,95 €
Rasoi Ghar

Mushroom tikka (3)

Mushrooms marinated with Indian spices and yogurt, cooked in the tandoor.

8,95 €
Rasoi Ghar

Malai Kofta (3) (6)

Delicious stuffed cheese dumplings blended in rich cashew nuts creamy gravy.

10,50 €
Rasoi Ghar

Services we Offer

Event Management

Let us handle all your events from small-scale parties to full-on weddings and take them in the direction of your mind's eye. We also bring a professional touch to your events giving it a superb finish.

Group Menu

We offer a special group menu with the sophisticated and seasonal rates. Your group of guests will enjoy Rasoi Ghar with pleasant.

Home Delivery

Place a call to us today to get that order going. Orders from café style meals to custom dishes are expertly whipped fresh and gotten to you on time still brimming hot.

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